According to the USGS, 2 billion tons of potash resource are estimated to be situated in the Paradox Basin covering southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado.

Located about 65 miles south of the Cane Creek Mine, this specific area of the Paradox Basin was selected based on the original potash resource mapping done by Dr. Robert Hite, which he did by analyzing Gamma Ray Wire Logs of historic regional O&G exploration and production wells.  In doing so, he determined there was a high likelihood of thick, high-grade and flat lying potash beds that at the time were too deep for conventional mining methods.  With the advent of directional drilling and now proven solution mining methods, the Sage Plain Potash Property has the potential to be a major domestic supplier of high-grade potash. 

The company is currently using RESPEC in completing engineering plans and permitting applications to drill additional exploration stratigraphic wells with the potential for single cavern development and small-scale pilot production. 

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Project Land Portfolio

The company has a large land portfolio of mineral rights and BLM Prospecting Permit Applications

Mineral Rights in Utah can be acquired as one of 3 types:

1. Private Mineral and Surface Leases

10,595  acres

The company has acquired considerable mineral rights under private leases in order to make contiguous mining units with State Leases.  The company also holds Surface Use Agreements in order to develop surface processing, storage and transportation logistics.

2. State Leases

13,937.5 acres

Known as Other Business Arrangements or OBA’s (SITLA School and Institutional Trust Lands). These State and Agency lands are focused on bringing revenues to local and county school districts and infrastructure. With top natural resource experts and detailed reviews, they provide an efficient permitting and support process. Sage envisions our first solution mining caverns and surface production modules to be built on SITLA and Private lands.

Production permitting for private and state leases are both considered to be readily supported by the state and county.

3. Federal Lands

58,780 acres

Sage has registered for Prospecting Permit Applications which have not been granted and awaiting a request from BLM for the company’s exploration plans.


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The Sage Plain Project currently has defined Mineral Resource of:

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